Customer-facing teams shape the customer experience.  Research has shown that high employee engagement in these front-line roles yields higher customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty, generating positive word of mouth and advocacy.  The Qualtrics 2020 Global Employee Experience Trends revealed 53% of employees globally were engaged in their work, 55% for the United States, leaving a troubling 47% disengaged, 45% in the U.S.  Manager effectiveness and confidence in senior leadership emerged as two of the top drivers of engagement with Inclusion cited as a top developmental area for managers globally.

A recent study shared by The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) identified bias as a contributor to lower employee engagement levels, having “an impact on their morale, motivation, commitment, and desire to advance in the organization.” Bias influences how we think, feel, communicate and act, often unconsciously making its way into front-line employee/customer interactions. In the context of these service interactions, it’s important to note that bias is not one way, it can lead to uncomfortable or negative experiences for customers as well as the employees who serve them.  When present, it results in unpleasant and unsatisfactory experiences for both sides, leading to very negative outcomes, some very costly for the companies involved.

Bias, which for many people occurs naturally and unconsciously, must be recognized, confronted and addressed as part of every organization’s employee engagement, customer experience and overall culture initiatives.  Emotional awareness and empathy are key to understanding ourselves, how we relate to others and what drives us to stand up for each other.  These values are to be reinforced and celebrated if organizations want to build and maintain fully inclusive cultures.

We will help you integrate DEI into your service design and delivery model to net more positive and inclusive experience outcomes for your employees and customers. 

Drive excellence in customer service and employee engagement by building a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment