A collaborative customer service consulting and training firm specialized in enhancing the customer and employee experience.  We focus on operational excellence within the service-providing organization.  

Our mission, to create effective, responsive, high-performing and inclusive customer service operations that include all key components of success: frontline service employees, culture, leadership effectiveness, operational processes and technology - in-house, remote and outsourced.

All interactions with the customer, in person or through technology, are critical parts of the overall value chain.  In our approach, we take an holistic view of the customer service function and how it is integrated into the core product delivery process. 

With artificial intelligence, digital platforms and self-service taking the place of humans in addressing the more standard and repetitive customer needs and inquiries, it is all the more critical that the human touch along the customer journey be as personalized, genuine and effective as possible. 

Synchronizing both the technology enhanced processes and the individual personal interactions is essential to meeting and exceeding customer expectations while at the same time being mindful of the bottom line.

This is our focus.


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