Having worked with diverse, service teams engaged in face-to-face, telephone, email and digital interactions across a range of industries, we are experienced in identifying opportunities to improve and transform.  We leverage diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as a path to deliver service excellence.  We raise awareness about the impact of bias and give clients the tools and interventions that enable them to build and sustain an inclusive culture.  We support the development of highly-effective communications that position our clients as caring and trusted resources for their customers.  

We bring significnt experience leading, nurturing, developing and caring for the wellbeing of service teams on the front line of hospitality, retail, consumer packaged goods and direct sales.  With an understanding of the challenges and barriers to great service, we outline a path to lasting change, including a focus on leadership effectiveness, which is highly correlated with engagement, quality and loyalty.  We also address the challenging and sometimes threatening customer behaviors that impact morale and create hesitation or difficulty for the employees there to serve them.  Your teams will experience breakthroughs and deliver consistently high levels of service.   


An inclusive culture in which your employees feel welcomeunderstood, valued, trusted and empowered.  They have confidence in leadership and know that you have their best interests at heart, which lowers attrition. They will flourish and embrace their role of delivering mutually satisfactory experiences and nuturing relationships with your customers, and through those relationships, building loyalty.


"When service leaders prioritize both customers’ and reps’ experience equally, reps turn out to be 19% more productive and customer satisfaction increases by 11%."  Gartner